Perfection Available for the Proper Breasts

Treatment of breast cancer quite often requires a radical surgery to remove the malignant tumor along with the breast. Such an operation is called a mastectomy. After a mastectomy, you can perform a plastic surgery to reconstruct a remote breast. Reconstruction can be one-stage that is, carried out in one operation with mastectomy, and can be performed after a while as a separate operation.

The Reconstruction

Reconstruction of the breast has two main objectives: aesthetic and therapeutic and preventive. Breast reconstruction will help to smooth out the psychological trauma of the patient who has undergone a mastectomy and will return her a sense of her own attractiveness. Also, reconstruction is important in terms of restoring symmetry, since the absence of one of the mammary glands can lead to such consequences as curvature of the spine, lowering of the shoulders, violation of posture. With the right breast reconstruction in Miami you can have the solution present.

Methods of breast reconstruction

To choose the method of breast reconstruction, one should take into account both the wishes of the patient herself and many other factors, such as breast size, the volumes of the tissues and skin left after surgery, the type of constitution of the body, the general condition and lifestyle of the patient.

There are such basic methods of breast reconstruction:

  • using an implant;
  • using a patch of skin and muscles of the patient;
  • Combined (using both implants and a skin flap).

Also, the nipple is reconstructed with its own tissues or with the use of tattooing.

The majority of patients, who underwent surgical treatment of breast cancer, choose the method of endoprosthetics with the help of silicone implants for breast reconstruction. Also in most cases, women prefer a one-stage reconstruction. However, the recommendations of the doctor should be taken into account. The extent to which the mastectomy was extensive determines the adequacy of this or that method of reconstruction. A favorable condition for endoprosthetics implants is the situation when a sufficiently large number and mobility of the skin, subcutaneous tissue, and pectoral muscle persists.

  • Endoprosthetics of the breast with an artificial implant is carried out by placing a special expandable balloon filled with a sterile liquid under the patient’s skin. After a certain period of time around the expander a layer of tissues is formed, then the balloon is replaced with a permanent implant.
  • When implanting the tissues of the patient, tissues are used from the back or from the abdominal wall. This procedure does not require the formation of new tissues, so it takes less time. Most often, a flap is taken from the chest area. As a rule, tissues quickly take root and the blood flow is normalized.

One of the newest methods of breast reconstruction is restoration using a TRAM-flap. This method involves taking tissues from the abdominal region, which also helps to save the patient from excess fat deposits. However, this technique is rather traumatic, since the place of taking the flap should be closed. This problem can be solved with the help of modern techniques of abdominoplasty. Sutures can be removed 2-3 weeks after the operation.

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