How Queue Management System Works

A queue management system helps to control queues of people in different places and situations. Most organizations and businesses use the system to manage and control lines when serving their clients. Using the system is time-saving and convenience to the clients. Also, the company can increase their sales through this system. This system can also be used in events where there are long queues of people. Here are the steps that guide how the queue management system works.

Customer request

The client first requests for a queue ticket from that system. The card can be given to the clients from an integrated touch screen ticket dispenser or a thermal ticket dispenser. However, neither of the methods can be used, and an officer in the information counter can issue the ticket. The clients can also use virtual queuing where they register using a mobile app or SMS.

Ticket issuing

This is determined by how the system is configured and the queuing management solution that the organization uses. The advices on the best queue management solution. The business can issue the business number in queue ticket number either in sequence or based on the queue channel that the clients want to join. The type of services is what that categorizes the queue channel.


After the clients receive the queue ticket, they will wait for the monitoring and premises for their queue number. This is seen on the number display panel that can be in the counter or centralized display panel. In the counter display panel, the clients will have been assigned to a specific table that is written on the issued ticket. With the counter display channel, a single screen is used to indicate the counter queue status information. The filters contain some segments that show the status of the queue of the entire counter.


When the clients get to the counter, they have a have a keypad console installed. They need to press the button for calling to the other client in the queue. In some system, they have advanced options for transferring the customer to another queue or for calling back to the number that has missed in the line. The served clients enter the server list, and the mist comes to the missed list. The missed lost is displayed for people to know whether their number has missed. In some businesses, the clients on the missed list will be issued with another ticket number.


In some organizations, they integrate the queue management system with a feedback management system. The clients are required to provide the feedback after receiving the services. In most queue management systems, they have reporting and the analytics feature. This allows the companies to retrieve the information and the statistics of the clients that join the queue. They analyze and study that to make improvements to the operation of the company. For instance, they can know the flow of customers entering the queue for a particular service. Therefore, they will improve the workforce in the counter to fasten the functions in that counter and reduce the line.

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