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The vehicles have pneumatic and hydraulic systems where it is necessary to prevent the leakage of gases, fluids and liquids in threaded joints in pipes. Such joints are considered dynamic due to vibration, change of pressures or change of temperatures.For this reason it is important that the application of the sealant is done correctly. In this sense, the company specialists advise:

Consider the type of substrate or material on which the adhesive will be applied:

The type of material on which it is planned to work must be taken into account, since on this basis the correct sealant must be selected. If working on active metals such as copper, iron, steel or bronze, a different sealant should be used than that which should be applied if working on inactive metals such as aluminum, stainless steel or plastic.

Clean the surface:

It is important to pre-clean the surface on which the adhesive will be applied, since the presence of oil, grease or other contaminants can cause a decrease in the performance of the adhesive. It is important to note that agents such as turpentine or thinner are not reliable elements for this procedure, since they can cause an oily film on the surface. For proper cleaning, we recommend using a cleaner and degreaser such as the Company 7070 or ODC Free Cleaner & Degreaser. The viewports are the essential options for the same.

Evaluate if the pieces to adhere will be disassembled or sealed permanently:

It is key to consider if what is planned to be sealed should be disassembled in the future or not, as the choice of adhesive will be different for each case. There are high strength products that require disassembly with mechanical tools. On the other hand, there are low torque sealers that allow disassembling the piece in a simpler way, using manual tools.

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Consider the temperature at which the adhesive will be exposed:

There are special adhesives for different temperature ranges. For each case, the appropriate sealant should be selected. For example, the temperature at which a pipe that carries running water is exposed, is different from that of a threaded connection in the engine of a car. An incorrect choice of adhesive can cause leaks in the pipes, accompanied by the disintegration of the product causing contamination of the circulating fluid.

Use quality products:

For optimum thread sealing, the use of high quality products is recommended. If you need professional solutions for sealing pipes or other threaded joints, the company product portfolio offers a wide range of solutions for different needs. The company thread sealers fill the gap between the threaded parts and provide an instantaneous and safe seal at low pressures. They are available in liquid presentation, bar or as sealing thread and can be found in industrial hardware stores and spare parts houses.

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