Fine Opportunities for the Best Energy Saving Now

Ordinary CRT TVs can consume up to 100 watts of power during operation. In the standby mode (the TV does not work, but is on and the red button on the TV is lit), it can consume up to 2-3 watts. The TV goes into standby mode when it is turned off from the remote control. New large-format plasma TVs consume up to 300-400 watts, LCDs up to 150-250 watts during operation and about 4-6 watts in standby mode.

Many leave the TV in standby mode for the whole night, and some for the time of going to work or lack of a home. If the TV is operating in standby mode, up to 10 hours on average is lost to 1-1.2 kWh of electricity per month. Sometimes we leave it working and we leave for other cases to other rooms. 1-2 hours a day it is switched on unnecessarily, for a month a person loses up to 3-12 kWh, depending on the TV. You can take the support of the reliable electrician in Singapore in this matter.

DVD player, video recorder in standby mode also spends from 2-3 W, for a month the excess consumption is 1-1.2 kWh.

If possible, do not leave the TVs turned on unless they are being watched. Do not leave the TV, DVD player, VCR in standby mode, when you leave the house, turn them off from the network.


If you are actively working at your computer during the day, you should not turn it off and on, but you should turn off the monitor or program the transition to “sleep mode” after 4-5 minutes. The computer consumes up to 400-500 watts of power, turning off the monitor allows you to save up to 100-200 watts. Do not leave it turned on for a long time, if you do not work behind it. An unused 2 hours computer even in the “sleep mode” consumes 200-300 watts, for a month this is about 12 kWh. You can have the famous electrician in Singapore at your service now.

Peripherals (printers and scanners) should always be turned off if not in use. This will save another 2-3 kWh per month.

Electric heating

Heating electricity in the winter time has become one of the problems of modern Russia. A medium-power heater consumes up to 1500-2000 watts. When working in the winter 4-5 hours, conditionally imagining that the cold days were 10 per month, up to 40 kWh is consumed. To maintain an acceptable room temperature in the winter, without electric heaters, the following recommendations should be followed:

  • Do not obstruct and clutter the batteries, even curtains, i.e. circulate heated air;
  • the batteries should be cleaned of dust and dirt;
  • It is necessary to warm the windows (it is recommended to do it in windless weather);
  • monitor the elimination of leakage of windows and doors, both at home and in the entrance;
  • windows should be closed with curtains, reducing the ingress of cold air (aerate several times a day for 10 minutes);
  • Watch the closing of doors and windows in the entrance;
  • and others

Hairdryers, vacuum cleaners, electric kettles

Choose these devices with low power, but the most qualitative. As a rule, high-quality and modern devices have a higher price, in comparison with analogues, but they will pay off. The correct choice of this equipment will save up to 20-40 kWh per month (with a conditional price for electricity of 2.3 rubles per kWh), which is about 46-69 rubles.


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