Essential Options for the proper Aircon Repair

The relatively late arrival of the real summer heat this year has slightly shifted the season of supply air conditioning, when sellers and monitors have almost no hours of rest. Although it is an ideal time to buy a climate outside the summer season, when the cost of the appliances themselves are frequent, as well as their installation, most of them decide only when tropical heat is heard. In the forest of different products, it is sometimes difficult to choose the real one, and it does not help even in the beginning there are innumerable options and terms: mobile, split, multi-split, inverter, BTU, kilogram, ionization … In this guide we bring the most important tips to choose an ideal air conditioner, although each climate should be tailored to the specifics of the space that will cool down, so it is always advisable to call on an expert to evaluate on the spot what kind of device is needed. With the options for the good at aircon repair Singapore you can have the best deals now.

Types Of Appliances

Mobile air conditioners are practical due to the fact that they do not require mounting and can be moved from room to room. As a rule, they are not particularly expensive, lower energy classes, and the cooling effect is usually 2.5 kW, which is enough for about 20 square meters of space. Their disadvantage is that it is necessary to provide a hot air outlet, which means that the wall is punctured (the hose outlet option is not particularly effective). In addition, they are quite heavy.

Split climates are the most commonly used type of device, and they are called split because they consist of two separate units – both external and internal. They are interconnected by gas and electrical installations, while the outside serves to extract heat from the space. They often have room heating option and are mostly high energy efficiency. Within the split system there is another division into the single (mono) split and the multi split system. Now with the good at aircon servicing Singapore options the results will be perfect for you.

The single split system consists of one outdoor and one indoor unit and is by far the best-selling air conditioner type. The available power ranges are between 2.1 and 14 kW, and the most wanted version is 3.5 kW, enough to cool the space of about 35 square meters. There are two performances of this system – fixed speed, with constant compressor operation, and an inverter that has variable compressor operation (more in a separate box).

The multi split system consists of two or more indoor units and one outdoor unit, ideal for cooling multiple rooms at once. Their power range is usually between 4.0 and 18 kW, and almost always are inverters.

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