5 Reasons Why You Should Tip Servers

There are times that you don’t feel like preparing food at home and you want to go out and enjoy a meal in a restaurant with family and friends. Nevertheless, the waiters and waitresses who usually serve you in hotels mostly are paid below 3$, and they depend on the tips which you give them to make ends meet. However, some people don’t believe that you should leave tips in a restaurant at all. If you are not sure of how much tip to leave, you can use the tip calculator to help you determine how much to tip.

Here are reasons why you should always tip.

  1. The minimum wage of servers is 2.13$ minus tips

Employers are required to make up for the difference in case the servers are not tipped, but this is not always the case. Usually, this is very common, and most servers don’t know that their employer is supposed to make up for the difference. Even if some servers are aware, they are afraid of approaching their employers about the difference when they aren’t tipped. Therefore, the servers end up being paid little money.

  1. Every person has his and her good and bad days

We all know that there is a day you will have a good day and the next day you have a terrible day. This is also the case with servers. They too have their bad and good days. Just because a server didn’t offer excellent services to you doesn’t make her be a bad server. You don’t know the reasons behind them messing up. You should not lack to tip them just because of a small mistake which was done.

  1. Tip out

Tip outs is a concept which many people who go to eat in restaurants don’t know about. When the servers shift is done, they are supposed to give a part of the tips which they have collected for the night to the restaurant so that he can give to the hosts and the bartenders. In most restaurants, it is 15% of the tips which the server collected. So if you don’t tip these waiters, it means that they are typically paying for you to eat at the restaurant.

  1. The government expects you to do so

The federal government requires each person who eats out to tip the server. This is because it knows that servers are not paid the standard wage, and most employers don’t cover up for the difference when the waiters and waitresses are not tipped. Always make sure that you tip the servers before leaving the table since it is what they are relying on to live a better life and see their children through to college with.

  1. Servers who are paid well offer great services

If you pay a server well, the chances are that they will provide excellent services in return. If you want to be given excellent services, then you should start tipping servers.

In the world, we are living today the cost of living is increasing day by day. Servers ensure that they offer you great services and the least you can do is leave a tip for them when you are done eating or drinking.

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